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Let’s help cover the cost of Zoom licenses for our Masters Gatherings. And for the meetings of the Virtual Study Center. This Zoom may be used in multiple Masters events. Thank you!


If you already have a Paypal account, it’s very quick: Touch the Paypal button. For security, a special page will be opened within Paypal.com for this donation. Enter the amount you wish to donate. Then touch the “Donate with Paypal” button, enter your account and follow the steps until the payment is confirmed.

If you don’t have Paypal yet, touch the Paypal button. In the new page within Paypal.com enter the amount to contribute and touch the “Donate with Debit or Credit Card” button. A form will be extended for you to enter your country and your card and identity information.
Check that you want to open an account. Tap “Agree & Donate Now” and Done, you will have donated and opened an account at the same time. After a few seconds a confirmation and thank you message will appear. THANKS A LOT!

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